To all my friends from Greece … What's your travel suggestion for Crete?

To all my friends from Greece … After my „Holidays in Greece“ viral earlier this year (, I am happy to spread the word for Greek tourism once again with #KretaLive


#truegreece – a realtime travel report, live from Crete on @TravelLiveCC

From September 29th to October 5th, I'll be report live from Crete on Expect travel impressions, photos, videos and audio interviews in real time - posted with my iPhone and distributed to the world through the Twitter hashtag #truegreece. Even more, there will be real time curation of the report on and several Austrian and German websites. Just gain an impression of that new way of live curation on!

#KretaLive coincides with the kick-off of a worldwide solidarity campaign, launched by the Greek National Tourist Office – True Greece (, more infos on Therefore, I am one of the first travel bloggers, coming to Greece from all over the world within the next months in order to deliver authentic impressions about your country.


So now that's where I'd appreciate your help!


What would you suggest me to see and experience in Crete throughout the next days? I'll be around mainly in the area west of Iraklio - and could need your inspirations for gorgeous places and unforgettable experiences!

Just leave a short note on my blog article. I'm looking forward to your suggestions! And, of course: Stay tuned on Twitter – looking for #truegreece impressions from @TravelLiveCC!


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