#TravelLive - Media Data

FAQ on #TravelLive media data and reach

1. How far does a #TravelLive report reach out?

Each #TravelLive report is different - and the same goes for the expected reach. There are two decisive factors for a long range of the report: the reach through #TravelLive media partners as well as the support provided by the client. How far a report might reach out depends on the number of #TravelLive media partners – and on the support gained through the client’s web and social media presence (retweets on Twitter, links to the report pages on Facebook, etc.).


IMPORTANT: Monitoring tools such as Keyhole or Tweetbinder specify the reach of a certain hashtag by impacts which are calculated from the (highly theoretical) arithmetical product of followers and postingsThis unrealistic values often boast of millions of impactsThe real impressions, however, are to be settled considerably lower. As opposed to these vague numbers provided by hashtag statistics, the documentation of a #TravelLive report provides validated figures with confirmed impressions.


2.  Which KPIs do exist to measure a #TravelLive report?

The reach of a #TravelLive report can be documented precisely through a series of key performance indicators:

• Twitter Analytics: number of Tweets, impressions, interactions, link clicks, retweets, favorites, answers on a daily basis

• Wakelet: views of the daily reports on TravelLive.cc and partner pages

• Event hashtag: number of postings on Twitter, coverage, potential impressions, ratio of retweets


3. Why are visits to TravelLive.cc insignificant?

#TravelLive cannot be compared to other travel blogs in terms of visits and impressions: Its true asset is the presence of #TravelLive travel reports in its partners’ network. The #TravelLive blog itself is NOT the paramount spot where a travel report takes place. As a #TravelLive report can be embedded on any website, its media penetration depends on the number and quality of partner websites


Furthermore, #TravelLive reports are intended to create visits on the websites of the client. The website TravelLive.cc displays the live content posted by @TravelLiveCC, but should not compete with the side of the client during the live coverage.